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The New Generation at Hand:

Build a Better Tomorrow for Today’s Generation:

G R A C E: Growth, Redirect, Assured,
Communicate, Educate/ Eliminate = GRACE

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Come volunteer and help support & us in moving our youth forward.  At Wish You Well Youth Faith Foundation Inc. in the state of Georgia, we offer business skills, coaching programs that help youth/young adults overcome their struggles in life, such as loss of focus, addiction, set-backs and depression.

We help them feel that they are not alone and that we are always here to guide them throughout their journey in life. Just like what the word of God (Bible) said, in the book of Proverbs chapter 22:6, Train up a child/youth/young-adult "in the way they should go; when they grow old, they won't depart from it." Isaiah 43:18-20,

 we teach them to, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” We help them move forward!!

Promoting Healthy Bodies

Part of our youth development programs is to keep the youth/young-adult healthy through a series of wellness activities. We believe that having a healthy body (along with a healthy mind and soul) can shape the youth/young-adult into a productive person, so we offer them facilitative physical fitness sessions.

History vs Behavior:

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We understand that many of the youth/young-adults change their behavior due to the negative environment, many of the youth are faced with circumstances that are very overwhelming for them and their well-being. The youth of tomorrow requires a program that will enhance their innovated lifestyle. (unique), without cause of mental and emotional stress. However, in the late 1980's the youth were out at nightclubs, selling drugs and doing what-ever made them popular and what seems to be the in thing to do. During that time in the U.S. 80's through the 21st century and even in today's society, violence ran rapid within the youth communities. Increase homicides, robberies and rapes; which was committed by youth ages 12 to 21.  Although this number declined after many youth turn 21 and older. It originated from being a product of their environment. As for the youth age 12 to 21 they have been in conflicting situations in their past and in the last two years; most of them were living in poverty and unhealthy lifestyles.


Moving Forward, One Step at a Time

Youth envision a great future for themselves, yet they are in question of what opportunities they will have forth-coming. In the past disadvantaged youth grew up with violence, poverty, drugs, alcoholism and no stable mentors to aspire after. Many of the youth are looking for stability and guidance to help them focus and keep them from becoming mentally and emotionally distressed. Usually when this occurs, at-risk youth are more likely to get involved with violent crimes, experiment with drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex. In society today, youth are living below poverty level due to unemployment being at an all-time high; which have caused many of the youth to become accustomed to lack in their environment. In the late 1960’s some of the youth grew up without educational opportunities and funding, which was not an option for them.                 

Although many of our youth manage to break through the odds that were against them back then and now, they push for a successful way of living.  The organization will focus on fun-filled activities to keep them focused on the positive things in life. Our mission is to help them divert their attention from the experiences that made them mentally and emotionally vulnerable, so they could change for the better and reach their full potentials.

Safe Facility

Team Work makes the dream work!!
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Our foundation maintains a smoke-free environment. No tobacco, alcohol, and drug paraphernalia are allowed within our premises. There will also be no rough housing inside or around the building. Most importantly, we do not tolerate any aggressive behavior. If one is caught fighting, he or she will be suspended from the foundation for a month.

Our facility is funded by the state and federal government, as well as by the kindhearted donors who have provided us with gifts, grants, and financial support.