Wish You Well Youth Faith Foundation Inc.
Website: 12-21wywyff.org  &  Email: [email protected]

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Wish You Well Youth Faith Foundation Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the state of Georgia, dedicated to educate, mentor, strengthen and build character within the youth & their families we are helping shape them for a better tomorrow. We are serving youth/young-adults across the state of Georgia.

The duty of the organization is to help the youth create, explore, and value themselves. We focus on individuals ages 12-21, who are considered to be in the X and Y millennium populations. They are from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, sociology-economic statuses, and genders.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission Is geared towards educate, mentor, character building and  strengthening the youth of tomorrow, with a christian structural background. The organization's vision is to provide a hands-on structural program that prevents youth/young-adults from getting into a lifestyle of crimes, violence and premarital sexual issues; We offer 12-21 years of age a training program, to help move them forward.